Have You Gotten Your Gutters Cleaned Yet? Late Fall Cleaning May Be Necessary

Posted on: 25 November 2020

Yes, you know you're supposed to clean out your roof gutters before winter starts, but have you actually done so? And did you know that you might have to do it again?

You have to keep your roof gutters clean because leaves and debris like twigs can jam up the works. The rain that runs into the gutter needs a clear path to the nearest downspout; if the rain runs into an obstacle like a clump of leaves, then it can overflow out of the gutter and onto your landscaping, or worse, onto you if you're standing under them. So, removing all the leaves that fell into the gutter is a necessary yearly task. However, depending on the trees you have, any changes in weather could affect when the leaves change and fall. That means you might actually have a second round of leaves to clear out of the gutter.

If You Haven't Gotten Them Cleaned, Do It Now

First, if you just haven't done your yearly gutter cleaning, go make an appointment to have it done now before you forget. This is a task you can't skip, and as the weather around the country gets really cold, you're not going to have much time before the leaves in the gutter freeze into an icy mass that's harder to remove.

Were They Cleaned Earlier? They Might Need Another Round

If you've already cleaned them, but the cleaning was a few weeks ago, you may want to have them cleaned again. This is partly because wind can blow leaves from trees in other yards onto your roof and partly because warmer weather and climate change may be affecting when leaves turn and fall. In many cases, the leaf fall is early, especially in severely drought-stricken regions. But moderate drought might have the opposite effect. Any late-falling leaves may be lying in the gutter, waiting for water to just try to run past them. At the very least, an inspection would be helpful so that you can start tracking leaf-fall patterns.

Shifting Patterns Call for Constant Vigilance

If leaf fall patterns are shifting, then you need to keep watch on the trees and leaves in your yard and the yards around your house. That also means keeping an eye on your roof gutters and figuring out when the best times to clean them out really are. For now, have the gutters checked and then cleaned again if necessary.

Call a gutter cleaning company and ask them to just look and see if any more leaves have managed to make their way into the gutters. The company will let you know if there are spots that need to be cleaned out. A gutter cleaning service can provide additional information. 


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