Considerations For Building Your Own Personal Horse Arena

Posted on: 14 August 2020

Do you love horses and riding them in competitive events? If so, you might consider building your own personal horse arena in order to practice your runs ahead of a big competition. But building a horse arena has many other considerations besides which obstacles to purchase for your new course. If you want to get a horse arena up and running without significant problems, here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Get the Drainage Right

Whether you are going with soil or a mix of sand and other materials, the surface your horse will be running over is, of course, key to maintaining your horse's health. But don't get so caught up thinking about soil varieties that you forget to think about what's underneath the ground. Your new horse arena will need a solid drainage system if you want to ensure that the turf stays dry. If you have standing pools of water after a rainstorm, this can cause a significant problem. The ground will turn soggy and will be more difficult for your horse to run through. Trying to force your horse through an arena where the ground is a mess is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you have a drainage system in place before you worry about what is going to go on top of it.

Get a Solid Base Installed

A well-put together horse arena is more than just dirt on the ground. For best results, you actually want to put at least two layers down. The first layer is often clay and you want this initial base to be as compact as possible. You want the horse to be able to dig through the topsoil and find traction underneath. Just going with loose soil for your arena will lead to slower times as your horse won't be able to dig into anything to pick up speed.

Hire a Professional

For the best results, you need professional help. It's one thing to watch a few videos online and think you know how to put an arena together but it's a different thing entirely once you actually start putting it all together. A firm that offers horse arena construction services will help you map out your ideal arena and will be able to pay attention to the details so you don't miss anything. Contact a local horse arena construction service today to get more information.


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