Concrete Flooring Might Be The Best Flooring Choice For Your Restaurant Renovation

Posted on: 23 December 2019

If you're planning to renovate your restaurant or buy an old building and turn it into a restaurant, you'll want to consider all of your options when it comes to flooring. While your food and customer service are critical components to the success of your restaurant, the décor plays a large part, too, and that includes the appearance of the floor. Concrete flooring could be the perfect choice for your restaurant, whether you have a small pizza shop or a formal establishment. Here's why concrete flooring is ideal for restaurants.

Concrete Is Durable

If your restaurant is on a concrete slab already, the concrete company may use the slab for the flooring. This could help you save on costs initially, and then thanks to the durability of concrete, you'll save money on repairs and replacements in the years to come. A busy restaurant gets a lot of foot traffic as well as tables and chairs scooting across the floor. Your wait staff may also roll carts on the floor continuously during your hours of operation. Plus, there will be occasional spills of food and liquid that could stain some types of floors.

Concrete can stand up to all this wear and tear, and with the right coating, it resists dirt, stains, and spills. Concrete is perfect for the dining area, bar, and even the kitchen, and it looks beautiful while being durable enough to last for years.

Concrete Flooring Is Quick And Easy To Clean

The concrete company will apply a coating on the concrete so it's suitable for flooring. The coating will have texture in a restaurant setting so it is slip-resistant. This is important for the safety of your customers, staff, and kitchen workers. The coating also protects the floor from stains, dirt, and spills. Your restaurant staff is busy with many tasks from opening to closing, and the last thing they need to do is fuss with the flooring. Spills can be cleaned up easily, and then the floor is cleaned on a regular schedule. If you opt for a glossy coating for the floor, the concrete will always have a deep luster so it looks shiny-clean.

Concrete Flooring Can Have A Custom Look

If you want unique flooring or flooring that's the perfect complement to the type of food you serve, then concrete is an excellent choice. There are many options in concrete flooring. You can have it dyed, acid-stained, stamped, sawed, or polished. You can use any colors you like and even have your company colors or logo put on the floor. The concrete company can make a floor that looks like it's made from rugged stone, marble, or even wood planks. This makes concrete flooring versatile enough for a sports bar restaurant, fine dining establishment, or even a casual ice cream shop.

A concrete company can help you choose the perfect flooring for your restaurant by explaining all of your options and maintenance needs for each choice. When you see all the beautiful choices, you may decide that concrete is right for your renovation, especially since it is so easy to care for, too.

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