4 Water Well System Troubleshooting Tips To Get To The Bottom Of Your Problem

Posted on: 22 July 2019

If the water in your home relies on a well and it is discolored or causing plumbing issues, the problem is probably with the water well system. You will want to begin troubleshooting to determine if it is a problem with low levels, pump equipment, or pressure tanks, or a purification issue. The following tips will help you troubleshoot water well problems to get to the bottom of the issues and know what repairs need to be done:

1. Summer Well Problems Due to Low Levels and Casings Becoming Clogged

During the summer months, the issues with your well may be caused by the weather, such as droughts causing the levels to lower. With low water levels, minerals and sediments can get in the water and the plumbing in your home. The summer weather can also cause the well to not recharge. To deal with these problems, the well casing can be restored to see if it improves recharging issues, which is the well filling back up with water. If restoring the casing does not solve the issue, you may need to have the well drilled deeper or drill a new well at a deeper depth to ensure you do not have problems during summer droughts.

2. Well Water Contamination Due to Failing Purification Equipment and Accidents

Water wells can be contaminated due to issues like runoff from your landscaping getting into the casing, bacteria growth in the water, spills and other accidents. There may also be natural water quality issues that require a water purification system, which can fail and cause problems with the drinking water in your home. If you notice discolored water or other signs of contamination, do not use the water and call to have your well flushed and the water purification system inspected and repaired.

3. Pressure Problems and Noisy Plumbing Due to Issues with The Pressure Tank In Your Home

For the plumbing in your home, the main water line from the well has a pressure tank. This tank consists of a valve that keeps the pressure on the water lines in your home and sends a signal to the pump to turn it on when you open a faucet. The valve and tank that it is housed in can wear out and cause problems with the pressure in your home, noises coming from pipes, and the pump constantly running or not running at all. If you suspect the pressure tank is a problem, have it repaired to stop the problems with your household plumbing.

4. Pump Wear and Failures Causing Problems with Running Water or No Running Water At All

Just like other mechanical systems in your home, the pump of your well will eventually wear down, need repairs, or need to be replaced. If you are having problems with the water not flowing like it once did, this may be a problem with the pump not functioning properly. Sometimes, the pump may completely fail due to damaged wiring and wear due to age. If your pump is old, it may be time to have it replaced with a more efficient design. When the problem is with wiring or parts failing and your pump is relatively new, have a well system repair service fix it to solve the problem.

These are some tips that will help you troubleshoot water well problems to know what repairs will be needed. If you are having trouble with water lines in your home due to malfunctioning well equipment, contact a water well repair service to help solve the issue and get clean water running in your household plumbing again. Contact a company that offers water well system services in order to learn more.


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