Dealing With Plaster Walls: Four Things To Know

Posted on: 10 May 2019

Purchasing a vintage home can come with a significant amount of required remodel work. Some older homes may still have plaster walls, which can become cracked and damaged with age. If you are looking to renovate your vintage home, here are some things to consider when dealing with plaster walls.

Consider Electrical Repairs

Because you'll be removing the plaster from the walls, you'll have a great opportunity to perform other repairs before adding drywall. Consult with an electrician to see if the home needs to be rewired. You may find that you can strip the walls down to the studs and have any required electrical work done before the drywall is installed, This can make the remodel process a bit easier as you'll get more work done at the same time. Even if the home does not need to be completely rewired, this is your chance to add extra outlets and wiring for wall sconces and other fixtures,

Plan For Insulation

Talk to your contractor about replacing the home's insulation as you replace the drywall. Older homes may be lacking sufficient insulation, and adding a new layer can help you control heating and cooling costs throughout the year. You'll want to coordinate this part of the project with your electrician so that everything is done in order and to prevent holdups in the work. You may want to have the contractor inspect the current insulation throughout the home to determine how extensive this project is. In some cases, even small areas that have had drywall installed over the years may need to be gutted to accommodate new insulation.

Don't Forget Ceilings

You may find that you have plaster ceilings as well as walls, so be sure to address this with your contractor. As plaster ceilings begin to age, they may start to sag or buckle, which may be a hazard to your family. If possible, tackle this part of the project at the same time as the walls so wiring and insulation can be done at the same time. Talk to your contractor about different ceiling options before you settle on drywall. For example, in a Victorian home, you may want to think about installing a traditional tin ceiling for a more authentic look.

Work With An Interior Painting Service

Once the drywall has been installed, you can begin thinking about paint options. Work with an interior painting service with experience in vintage homes, and look for color schemes that help retain the house's unique styling. Experienced painters can help you find painting colors and techniques that give the home an updated look while still staying true to the vintage aesthetic. Your painter may also recommend wallpaper for some rooms, such as powder rooms, to add to the antique look of the home. A local interior painting company like Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc should be able to help you remodel your vintage home. 


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