Damp Ceiling? You May Have A Leak In Your Dormer

Posted on: 25 September 2018

Water leaks don't always occur in the roof's shingles or membrane. Some leaks can develop in the structures attached or connected to a roof, including dormers. Although dormers make wonderful additions to homes, the structures' windows and frames can deteriorate and leak over time. Water seeping through a damaged dormer can pass through to your ceiling. Here are reasons for your leaky dormer and what you can do to seal it.

How Can Dormers Leak?

A dormer is a structure that sits along the front portion of your roof. The structure is designed to add space to a confined or small attic. Most homeowners add multiple window panes and small frames to their dormers. The wood supporting the panes and frames can eventually decay and allow water to invade the attic, ceiling, and other areas of the home. 

If you enter your attic, you can check the dormer for damaged wood. The wood may feel damp from condensation, or it may appear cracked or withered. The paint covering your window frames may also appear affected by moisture. Paint can bubble, peel, or crack when moisture traps beneath it for a long time. Some of this moisture may extend to the drywall or wood surrounding your dormer's main window. 

If your dormer features any of the problems above, contact a roofer and allow them to repair it.

How Do You Seal Your Dormer?

A roofer may need to remove and replace the damaged wood supporting and surrounding your dormer. If the shingles and membrane around the dormer are also damaged from moisture, a roofer may repair these things as well. After a roofer repairs your dormer and shingles, they may inspect the rest of your attic for water damage and leaks. 

After a roofing contractor repairs the large issues above, you can go ahead and fix your water-damaged ceiling. If you can't find someone to repair your ceiling, consult with your roofing contractor. A contractor may be able to fix the ceiling for you, or they may recommend a service provider who can do the job. 

Be sure to monitor your dormer carefully after the repairs. If possible, place a ventilation system inside your attic or close to your dormer. A number of roofing contractors install ventilation systems in their clients' attics, so don't be afraid to consult with your contractor about it. 

For more details about repairing your leaky dormer, contact a home roofing service for appointment. 


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