Spring Cleaning? 4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Roof

Posted on: 2 April 2018

When you start spring cleaning your roofing, you are going to want to make sure that you remove all debris from the top of your roof, clean out the gutters, and clear the downspouts.

Remove Debris from Your Roof

Over the course of the fall and winter, debris can get on your roof. Debris, such as leaves, sticks, and even trash, can get blown onto your roof in winter storms, carried by strong winds. It is not uncommon for some debris to get on your roof every year.

Most debris will naturally fall off your roof on its own. However, some debris seems determine to stick around and requires additional assistance to remove it. That means you will have to get up on your roof to remove it.

When you get up on your roof, make sure to wait for a dry and clear day. You don't want to get up on your roof when it is wet or damp; that increases your chance of slipping. You also don't want to deal with high-winds either that could make you unstable on your roof. It is worth waiting for a clear day before you get up on your roof.

You do want to remove debris from your roof though. Natural debris can attract insects, and debris can cause unnatural pools of water on your roof that can damage your shingles.

Clean Out Those Gutters

Just like your roof, debris can get into your gutters as well. Since debris falls downward from your roof, it is perfectly natural for it to end up in your gutters. You don't want your gutters to get so clogged up with debris that water can't easily flow through them. Your gutters help move water from your roof and away from your home in a safe manner so that your home doesn't sustain any damage from the water.

You can use a pressure washer hose with a special attachment to blast the debris out of your gutter. Or you can get up on a ladder and scope out the debris on your own.

Clean the Downspouts

Finally, make sure to clear the downspouts. Debris can pile up at the exit and entrance to your downspouts. Pull out and clear away any debris that accumulates near the downspouts. For any debris that is stuck further into your downspouts, place a long stick down the downspout and use that to dislodge debris, and then blast your downspout with water from a pressure washer or a hose to get rid of that clogged up debris.

Clearing debris from your roof, cleaning your gutters, and clearing your downspout are necessary spring tasks to ensure that water flows properly off your roof without damaging anything along the way.


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