Three Reasons Log Cabin Vinyl Siding Is The Right Choice For Your Home

Posted on: 23 February 2018

Whether you are planning the look for your next home or want to give your existing abode a face lift, one option that you should consider is log cabin vinyl siding. This versatile siding gives the look of wood without any of the drawbacks associated with wood materials. Here are just a few reasons log cabin vinyl siding is a smart alternative.

1. You Get the Look of a Log Cabin Without Making a Permanent Commitment to that Aesthetic

Though log cabins are a great design for a home, you may find that your tastes change over time or that you want to give your home a new look. With a conventional log cabin, your options are limited if you want to change the appearance of your cabin. However, by using log cabin vinyl siding instead, you can easily alter your home's exterior.

You can replace the vinyl siding if you want to completely rid your home of a log cabin aesthetic. Or, if you are just in need of a color, change, you can have the vinyl siding painted for a distinct look.

2. Vinyl Siding is Much More Low Maintenance Than Wood

One of wood's biggest drawbacks is that it is a rather high maintenance material. You need to clean wood on an annual basis to remove dust, pollen, and other types of debris. Chinking also needs to be completed on an annual basis; chinking is the process of applying sealant to the area between the logs of your cabin. Approximately every three years, you will need to stain the wood to ensure it maintains a vibrant color. 

In contrast, the only maintenance you need to do for vinyl siding is to clean it each year. You can clean your siding using a brush and mild detergent, or you can use a pressure washer to help blast away grime.

3. Wood is Notorious for Attracting Pests

Another downside to wood is that attracts pests. Beetles, borers, carpenter bees, and termites are just a few insects that may try to make a log cabin their home. This makes pest control tricky in a log cabin; many log cabin owners find themselves battling an infestation fairly regularly even with preventive measures (such as regularly pest control treatments). You also have to be vigilant about immediately repairing any hole or cracks in the wood. Though you should obviously always repair any cracks in your home, with a wood home, time is of the essence to prevent an infestation.

Vinyl siding does not have a reputation for attracting creepy crawlies. Just make sure that you stick to a regular pest prevention schedule to keep pests away from your home. For more information, contact a business such as Allstate Gutter & Siding.


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