Rain Gutter Tips For Homeowners

Posted on: 23 November 2017

The rain gutters that wrap around the perimeter of your roof are likely a part of the house that you seldom think about. Despite being a fairly easy part of the home to overlook, the gutters will play an important role. More precisely, learning a few facts about your home's rain gutters may help you to be much better prepared to appreciate and maintain this important part of your house.

Rain Gutters Protect More Than Your Roof

Homeowners will frequently fail to understand that a rain gutter system will provide protection for several different parts of the home. For example, these gutters can protect the siding of the house by limiting the amount of runoff that drains down the side of the house. Also, the gutters will help to protect the foundation. This may seem strange, but the water draining from the roof can erode and saturate the soil around the base of your home, which can weaken the foundation over the course of time. Eventually, this can weaken the foundation enough to cause it to crack, which can pose a serious structural threat to the home. By directing this runoff away from the home, the gutters can greatly reduce the risks of these damages.

Your Rain Gutters Should Not Leak At The Joints

You may notice that there is water seeping out from the joints of the gutter system. Homeowners will often assume that this is simply an unavoidable issue. However, rain gutters are designed to prevent this from occurring by having the joints with lined with waterproof seals. As these seals age, they may degrade enough to allow leaks to form. Luckily, it is fairly simple to replace these seals, which will allow you to prevent these leaks from damaging your home. If you want to avoid the need to periodically replace these seals, you should opt for a seamless gutter system as these gutters are welded together to eliminate the need for these seals.

Covered Gutter Systems Will Require Much Less Maintenance

Eliminating or reducing maintenance work is something that can benefit almost any homeowner. When it comes to the gutter system, there will be some tasks that will have to be done on a regular basis to keep the water flowing. In particular, cleaning the gutters will need to be done every few months to prevent leaves from clogging the system. Upgrading to covered rain gutters can be an extremely effective way of reducing the amount of debris that gets into the gutters so that you will not have to clean them as frequently.

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