Have Vintage Hardwood Flooring? Know How To Care For It

Posted on: 26 October 2017

Have you recently purchased a house that has the original hardwood flooring in it? If so, you most likely want to take steps to preserve it as much as possible. Those floorboards can potentially last for a lifetime while looking great every single day, but they do need some attention. These tips will help you care for the hardwood.

Clean the Surface Regularly

While cleaning your floors may be a regular part of making your home look nice, leaving dirt on the floors can actually damage the surface of the flooring. There is a potential for debris on the floor to scratch the wood surface when you walk over it, because you are actually pressing the debris into the wood.

The solution is to sweep the wood surface regularly. If you use a vacuum, be sure to use settings designed for hardwood so the rotating brush won't come in contact with the floor.

Remove Sticky Residues

Kids in the home can cause a lot of accidents involving your hardwood floors. It is likely that food will drop onto the floor during dinner, which can dry and harden onto the surface. Always take care when removing something that has stuck to the hardwood. Instead of using a knife, try freezing the material with ice and using something made of plastic to pry it off.

Prevent Damage From Pets

Your pets can unintentionally create a lot of damage over the year. That is why you want to take preventative measures to make sure they are not ruining your floors. For example, if you have a cat that is not declawed, you'll want to regularly trim their nails so that they do not dig into the surface.

Install a Window Tint

The sun shines through your windows all day long, which has ultraviolet rays that can cause the floors to become faded. Consider adding a window tint in rooms that have direct sunlight exposure during the day. If not a window tint, than exterior awnings can crease a similar effect by blocking the sun.

Move Furniture Around

Wear patterns in the wood will form by people walking over the same parts of the wood every single day. You can avoid this by moving the furniture around to change up the paths that people take over the floor. It allows the floors to wear down more evenly in the end.

Thankfully, damage caused by any of these things can be fixed with hardwood floor refinishing. For more information, contact companies like Costen Floors Inc.


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