Do You Want To Start Welding? Start Out Buying These 2 Supplies

Posted on: 4 July 2017

If you want to start welding you will need much more than just your welder. This is because there are many supplies that you will need. This will help keep you safe as welders can cause injury. These welding supplies will also make things go much easier for you. Below is some more information about two supplies to help you get started in your welding career.

Welding Mask

One of the most important things you can buy is a welding mask.  A mask is headgear that will protect your neck, face, and eyes from heat, infrared light, ultraviolet light, sparks that come from the welder, and flash burn.

When you start shopping for a welding mask you will find different types available. There are standard helmets, also known as passive helmets, that are generally made of molded plastic. This type of helmet is the most inexpensive and will provide you with basic protection. The lens has a special coating to protect you from ultraviolet and infrared lights.

A more expensive welding helmet has an auto darkening glass lens. This type of lens is made with liquid crystal display (LCD) much like the technology that is used to make LCD televisions. There is a filter cartridge in the lens that is powered by solar power or battery. This type of mask offers more protection.

Consider the weight of the helmet you purchase as you do not want it to be too heavy. This is because it would put a lot of strain on your neck.

Welding Rod

You will need to purchase a welding rod. This rod is a piece of wire that connects to the welding machine. An electric current feeds through the wire, which then helps you weld metal pieces firmly.

Some welding rods are electrode, which means they must be placed in an electrode holder to insulate the rod from electric currents.

There are also other types of welding rods, including composite, bronze, aluminum, and steel. In most cases, welding rods have a special coating that protects them. One type of coating that is used is made of cellulose, which is a layer of glass. Another type of coating that is used is made of mineral substances. These coatings are important as they keep impurities out, such as sulfur and oxide so you can have a clean and smooth weld.

The type of welding rod and coating you choose depends on the type of welding you plan to do. Talk with the employee at the welding shop about this and they can help you choose the best type.

Do some research on other supplies you will need to purchase before you start working as a welder.


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