3 Things To Include In Your Family Room Remodel

Posted on: 4 July 2017

The family room can serve as a gathering place for individuals within your home. Many families spend a significant amount of time in their home's family rooms, making the form and function of these rooms critical to the comfort of your living space. Making the choice to remodel your family room can be beneficial in improving the usability of the space.

Here are three features that you should plan to include in your remodel project to ensure your new family room will meet your family's needs over time.

1. Built-in Storage

A family room can serve as the setting for a variety of activities. Many families enjoy watching movies, looking through photo albums, or playing games within their family rooms. Having enough storage space within a family room to house the items needed to entertain your family members is critical.

When you are remodeling your family room, be sure that you incorporate some built-in storage into your room's design. Built-in bookcases and storage benches will add to the aesthetic and usability of the space.

2. Recessed Lighting

Having adequate light in your family room can make the space more inviting for your family members and friends. As you consider elements to incorporate into your remodel, you should plan to convert your family room's existing lighting to recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting doesn't take up valuable head space, and this lighting can be placed throughout a large family room to eliminate dark corners. When your family room is well-lit, you are able to maximize the usability of the space over time.

3. Access to Technology

Modern family rooms play host to a variety of high-tech gadgets. When you are thinking of remodeling your older family room, you should ensure that the updated space can meet your technological needs.

Incorporate hidden wiring for your entertainment center. Add wiring for surround sound speakers to improve your movie and music experiences, and consider adding wireless functionality that allows you to control lights, temperature, and electronic devices from your cell phone. Access to these types of technology will allow you to bring your older family room up to date so that your family can maximize the amount of enjoyment provided by the space.

Taking the time to carefully consider the elements you incorporate into your family room remodel will help you create a functional and comfortable space. Be sure to add built-in storage, recessed lighting, and access to technology when updating your family room in the future. Contact a remodeling company, like Red Rock Construction, for more help.


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