Several Tips for Those Needing Excavation Work Done to Their Property

Posted on: 28 November 2016

Excavation work can be fairly routine for homeowners to need. However, if you have never had excavation work done to your property, there are some tips that you should consider to help ensure that your excavation work goes smoothly. Otherwise, you may find that you are more likely to experience complications or other issues that can lead to problems.

Consult a Landscape Architect

Prior to starting the excavation work, you should consider hiring a landscape architect to review your property. These professionals have the expertise needed to study how the excavation work will impact your yard. In particular, this type of service is useful to homeowners because it can let them know how the erosion rate of their property will be impacted by the work. Without this type of evaluation, you may find that much of your yard's topsoil washes away, and that can make it almost impossible to have a lush, green yard.

Have the Utility Companies Mark Any Buried Lines

Before you start digging, it is critical to contact any local utility companies so that they will be able to mark any buried utility lines on the property. Some individuals assume that these lines are always buried many feet below the ground, but this is not the case, as erosion may have washed away much of the surface soil in the years since the utility line was buried. Fortunately, utility companies usually do not charge for these services, and they will be able to mark the buried lines within a few hours of work.

Take Advantage of Sod-Replacement Services

If you hire a professional excavation firm to do work for you, it is important to note that they may offer a sod-replacement service that you can utilize. These services will allow you to pay a small fee so that the excavators place new sod on the ground in the area where the excavation work was done. While this can be a great solution for many homeowners, it may not be applicable if you have a rare or exotic type of grass.

Excavation projects are a relatively common form of work that homeowners often need to have done, but new homeowners may not have the type of experience needed to understand this work. Knowing the benefits of consulting with a landscape architect prior to starting this work, having the buried utility lines marked, and using sod-replacement services can help you to ensure this project goes as smoothly as possible for your property.


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