How Knowing the Type of Stain on Your Couch Can Help You Successfully Clean It

Posted on: 1 November 2016

When you are trying to remove a stain from your sofa, you may find it difficult to remove. One of the reasons some stains do not come out like other ones do is because they do not respond well to the cleaner you are using on them. Determining the kind of stain you are dealing with is the best way to know which cleaner will work best at removing it. Find out more some common types of stains you may find on your couch and the kinds of cleansers best for removing them.

When Steam Cleaning Is Your Best Option

Some stains will require the deep cleaning you get from steam cleaning, especially if they have made their way through the outer fabric and into the foam inside the cushion. Stains like urine, from both people and pets, will leave an odor if not properly cleaned using hot water, a disinfectant, and steam. Steam cleaning will pull the urine from the foam more so than just using a spray cleanser and towel. Also, steam cleaners have appropriate cleansers formulated just for urine stains. Before you steam clean, blotting up as much of the stain as possible is recommended. Never rub a stain on your couch because it could damage the fabric. Always dab the stain gently, doing so as soon as possible after the accident occurred. Other types of stains that respond well to steam cleaning include:

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Feces, human and pet
  • Food

Stains that are easily removed using a steam cleaner are water-based stains. If a stain is not water-based, even steam cleaning may not be effective at removing it.

When Specially Formulated Chemicals Will Remove Oil-Based Stains

When you try to remove an oil-based stain with a cleanser meant for removing water-based stains, you can make it worse because it smears it and rubs the stain deeper into the fabric. Oil-based stains like lipstick or other cosmetics, paints, and oil from foods can be cleaned successfully using a solvent that is formulated for the type of fabric on your couch. Following the manufacturer's instruction on the cleaning product you use is extremely important to avoid damaging your couch's fabric.

Taking steps to properly care for your couch and other pieces of living room furniture is important to keep them looking good for longer. When you stop to consider how much you may have invested in a living room suite, the time and money you spend caring for it is well worth it. Talk to a company like Supreme Cleaners Inc for more upholstery cleaning tips and professional assistance.


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