Tips For Identifying And Diagnosing Unusual Sounds Coming From Your Air Conditioner

Posted on: 23 May 2016

If you are a homeowner who is trying to keep his or her home cool during the summer, you are likely going to need to take steps to make sure that your air conditioner stays functional all the time. One easy way to check the health of your air conditioner is to simply listen to it. Some sounds that are coming out of the air conditioner indicate that there is trouble in a certain area. Here are some tips for identifying and diagnosing unusual sounds in your air conditioning system so that you can determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

1. Loud Rattling in the Exterior Unit

One sound that might erupt from your air conditioning unit that might sound alarming but is actually no real cause for concern is a sudden, loud rattling coming from the exterior unit. This is usually the result of a twig or a branch falling into the fan of the air conditioner and making a noise as it hits the blades of the fan. If the sound immediately stops and the normal whirring of the fan resumes without issues, you don't actually need to take action because the problem resolved itself. 

If the rattling continues for more than a few seconds, then you will need to actively remove the twig or branch. Before doing this, make sure that you turn off the fan so that you don't accidentally hurt yourself.

2. Hissing

If you hear hissing in either your interior unit or your exterior unit, then that means that you have a coolant leak somewhere that needs to be resolved immediately. You will need to repair or replace part of your air conditioning unit that holds the coolant in order to make sure that you are not leaking the potentially dangerous material everywhere and that your air conditioner is able to run as efficiently as possible. Make sure that the entire area where coolant travels gets fixed as soon as possible.

3. Loud Thumping

Finally, if you hear loud knocking or thumping in your air conditioner, this ordinarily means that something that is in the air conditioner has come loose and is now bumping around. You will need to resolve this by turning off the air conditioning unit and testing the various machinery inside for anything that may have come loose. If you hear thumping that suddenly gets longer, then something in the air conditioner has come loose entirely and is banging around. If this is the case, shut of the air conditioner immediately.

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