How To Create And Implement A Fire Safety Plan For Your Business

Posted on: 23 May 2016

Having a fire safety plan for your business can help save employee lives while also minimizing chaos during a fire-related emergency. The following tips will help you develop a plan for your employees.

Plan a Fire Escape Route

When planning your employee's escape routes, each person should be directed to leave through the exit closest to their station. If you work in a large office or building, different employees may leave from different locations in the building. Planning the route itself is a straightforward process, but follow these tips as you formulate your plan:

  • Practice the routes yourself. Walk each route personally to ensure that the routes are viable and fast. Time yourself each time you walk a new route.
  • Establish a meeting point. Work with your fire department to establish a safe meeting point where each employee should wait once exiting the building.
  • Designate evacuation coordinators to be in charge of counting employees once they get out of the building. If your staff is large enough, divide the staff up into groups and put each evacuation coordinator in charge of a different group. Tell employees who to report to once they've left the building.

Test the Entire System

Once the fire safety plan has been created, it should be tested with drills. It's important to test the entire system at least once per year. This should include a test of the fire protection system (fire doors, smoke detectors, and so on). Have the employees run the entire route, and time the evacuation during the event. Once the drill has been conducted, follow these tips:

  • Debrief after the event. Meet with your managers to discuss what worked and what didn't during the fire drills.
  • Make fire alarm repairs as necessary. If the alarms don't function as intended, work with the company that installed your building's fire alarm and fire protection system to get the system up and running again.
  • Ask for feedback from staff. While your managers may have specific thoughts about the fire drill, it's important to ask for feedback from your employees. They will be able to tell you about anything that happened during the fire drill that they found confusing or ineffective.

Following suggestions from the staff and managers, you should be able to refine your fire safety plan to be as effective as possible. For more information, talk to your fire department to ensure that your fire evacuation plan is as good as it can be. To learn more, visit a website like


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