3 Basement Waterproofing Improvements To Before Adding Space To Your Place

Posted on: 23 May 2016

The basement of your home can be a great place to add space, but it can also be the source of water damage. Before you get started, you will want to do some improvements. These improvements can include adding drainage or upgrading your foundation waterproofing systems. Here are some basement waterproofing projects to begin before you start adding space to your place:

1. Addressing Drainage Issues That Cause Basement Flooding

The drainage around your home can contribute to a lot of the water problems in your basement. To begin with your improvements, you will want to address any exterior drainage problems. You may also want to consider the addition of dry drainage and well systems to contain watershed and keep it out of your basement. In addition, add drain pipes to areas like gutters or patios with drainage near your foundation. You may want to have drainage pipes installed that help direct the excess water away from your home, or even consider installing a rain collection system for a green practical solution to the problems.

2. Updating Old Waterproofing And Repairing Damage To Foundation

If you have an older basement, the waterproofing may be older. The different types of sealants used to waterproof your basement can eventually dry out and crack, which can be the start of leaks. In addition, damage to your foundation can also contribute to the failure of waterproofing. This is why it is important to have your foundation inspected for damage and have it repaired. In addition, have the foundation contractor inspect the waterproofing and recommend improvements and upgrades to do before you finish your basement.

3. Adding Interior Drainage Systems And Finishing To Deal With Potential Water Problems

In addition to the exterior drainage, you will also want to address issues in the interior. This will not only help when water gets in your home, but also can be a defense against water damage when you have plumbing problems. To do this, consider adding an interior foundation drainage system, larger sump systems and use durable water-resistant materials in your basement. There are also foundation wall finishing systems, which can hide drainage and give your walls a durable, water-resistant finish that will last.

These are some basement waterproofing improvements that you may want to do before you begin adding space to your home. If you need help with repairs and improvements to your foundation drainage, contact a drain cleaning service, such as Plumb Care Plumbing, to help with the repairs and improvements to the drainage of your home.


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