The Benefits Of Renting A Crane For Your Construction Business

Posted on: 19 April 2016

Cranes do the job of heavy lifting on construction sites around the world. If you own your own construction business, you know that a crane can save you time and money by reducing man-hours. But it can be difficult to decide whether you should buy a crane, or continue to rent one on an as-needed basis. Here are the benefits of using a crane rental for your construction business.

Crane Operators Can Be Hired As Independent Contractors Instead Of Salaried Employees

When you rent a crane, a temporary crane operator can be hired on an hourly basis to operate the crane on your building site. This is convenient because you don't need to have an extra person on salary, which would also necessitate your paying payroll taxes and possibly health insurance.

If You Owned The Crane, You Would Have To Store It Somewhere In-Between Jobs

If you don't own an equipment storage site, safely storing your crane would be an issue. You could rent an equipment storage lot, but that's an added expense your company would have to bear. When you rent a crane, the storage of it when not in use is not your responsibility.

You are Not Responsible For Paying Crane Insurance

Cranes are expensive pieces of equipment that need to be properly insured to cover the cost in the event of damage or destruction. The company that rents cranes out would typically insure them as well. If you own the crane, however, you'd be responsible for all the insurance premiums.

You are Free From All The Maintenance And Repair Bills

With all the moving parts of a crane, there is substantial maintenance work that needs to be performed. Articulating joints have to be greased, tires have to be replaced, and the engine needs to be routinely checked. This is yet another cost that your company doesn't have to worry about when you opt to rent cranes instead of own.

You Pay Only For Days You Need

When you rent a crane for use on your construction site, you only need to pay for the days you intend on using it. This is preferable over owning and maintaining a crane that may be sitting idle for days, weeks or months at a time.

Deciding whether to rent a crane or to buy one of your own is a calculation of rental costs versus the costs of ownership, along with the number of projects you do each year. These benefits of renting a crane may help you figure it all out.


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