Marine Makeovers: 3 Home Improvements That Will Make Your Waterfront Property Sail Above The Rest

Posted on: 7 March 2016

Beachfront or lakeside properties have the convenience of serving as either vacation homes or permanent residences. Interior amenities, location, age and size are factors that impact the overall price of a property. The exterior and accessibility to the prime feature—the water—makes one waterfront property stand out from another. Whether you're in it for the long haul or are seeking to sell down the road for a potential profit, consider these few improvements that will increase the value and livability of your waterfront home.

Safe and Sound Seawalls

The constant ebb and flow of water causes erosion of the nearby land. Seawalls are man-made embankments constructed to prevent such deterioration. They are typically made from concrete, steel, aluminum, vinyl and composite materials. Seawalls preserve the land surrounding a waterfront property and serve as "curve appeal" for the approaching traffic by water.

Vertical seawalls are often utilized on residential properties in areas with strong water and weather conditions. Sheet piling or concrete walls are used along land in direct contact with water and the seawalls are finished off with a horizontal bulkhead or cap along the edge. Mound seawalls are a lower cost option made of rubble or stone that are typically employed where water conditions are less threatening.

Not So Far-Fetched Fencing

Although the white picket fence may not be ideal at a waterfront home, the privacy and protection that fencing offers is still available to waterfront homeowners. Opt for clear glass panels that maintain an open sight line to the water, yet keeps children and pets contained on the property and marine life at bay.

Frameless glass panel fences are installed without posts to provide a seamless appearance with minimal obstruction of views. Thick, tempered glass sustains its integrity thorough various weather conditions oppose to plexiglass which wears over time due to constant contact with saltwater and wind.

Docks of the Bay

Boat docks afford waterfront property dwellers an ease of access to transportation by water and the ability to enjoy water sports. Floating docks and lift up docks are more suitable for lakeside homes with little-to-no wave activity and that experience icy winters. Homeowners have the option of moving these flexible docks from the water before it ices over. Permanent docks are ideal for beachfront properties that employ steel pipes drilled into the ocean bottom for stability.

Consult your local environmental building codes for regulations on permits and dock specifications. Additional marine constructions that further increase the value of waterfront homes include installed boat lifts and boathouse roofs. For more information, contact Abbott's Construction Services Inc. or a similar company.


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