Limescale In Faucets: How A Water Treatment System Can Help

Posted on: 1 January 2016

Does water seem to have a hard time coming out of your plumbing fixtures at full force? It is possible that there is a lot of limescale inside of the faucets creating a blockage in the flow of water, which means that it may be time to get a water treatment system installed. In this article, learn what is causing limescale in your faucets and how a water treatment system can prevent it from happening.

How Did Limescale Get Inside Of The Faucets?

Limescale accumulated inside your faucets because of the hardness of the water in your house. Basically, hard water refers to water that is full of a lot of minerals, including calcium and magnesium. The excessive amount of minerals appear as a white substance when water flows through your faucets, and it thickens up the more that water is used. The worst thing about limescale, besides interfering with the flow of water, is that it can make your dishes look dirty after you have washed and dried them off. Hard water can also cause you to experience dry skin after you bath in it.

How Can Treating Hard Water Prevent Limescale From Occurring?

When you get a treatment system installed, it will be able to prevent limescale by reducing the amount of minerals in water. Your water will be considered soft after the mineral levels are brought under control. The treatment system will simply force out high levels of calcium and magnesium by using salt to push them out into a filter. The salt usage in a water treatment system is minor, so there will be no health concerns to worry about from drinking too much of the treated water. Keep in mind that the filter must be manually emptied out sometimes, depending on what kind of treatment system is installed.

How Are Water Treatment Systems Priced?

There are water treatment systems available in multiple sizes to handle the level of treatment that is needed. For instance, you can get a system for a single faucet or one that can treat water in all of the plumbing fixtures. A simple system is expected to cost $400 and up. A more advanced system can cost up to $2,500. Expect to pay an extra $100 or more if you hire a professional to install the system for you.

If you have a problem with limescale, purchase a water treatment system for your house and hire a contractor to install it as soon as possible. It will protect your pipes from additional buildup over the years, which only leads to more problems. Companies like Waterman911 may be able to meet your needs in this area.


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