How To Recaulk Glass Shower Doors

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Glass shower doors, when properly installed, are both stylish and effective. The most vulnerable part of a glass shower enclosure, besides the fragile glass, is the caulk line along the seams. There might be caulk between glass seams, but also where the glass meets the wall and floor. All of these caulk lines are susceptible to molding. Black mold in your shower not only looks bad, but is also unsanitary. A moldy caulk line can also rot away and cause it lose the water tight seal. So, you obviously want to remove and replace the moldy caulk as soon as possible.

How to Remove the Old Caulk

For your new caulk to stick well the glass panes, you need to thoroughly scrap away the old caulk. You want the surface to be free of any caulk residue. First, cut away the caulk line with a utility knife. Then, you can use the pointed edge of an angled putty knife to scrap away caulk that is deeper in between the seams. You might also find a flathead screwdriver helpful for removing the caulk. Basically, use any tools you have that will help you get all the caulk off of the glass and wall. Once the majority of the caulk line is removed, you will need to wipe it down with cleaner. Run your finger along the caulk line to make sure the texture is free of small amounts of caulk residue.

Applying the New Caulk

Applying the new caulk is simple, but making the lines straight can prove very tricky and annoying. If you don't have any experience spreading caulk, you will need a caulk gun and some rubber gloves. To get straight lines, you could tape the lines off with painter's tape. Put two lines of tape parallel to each other, exactly as wide as you want the caulk line to be. Then, shoot the caulk into the seam. Using your fingers, wipe down the caulk. This smooths out the excess caulk, but it also pushes it deeper into the seam to create a stronger seal. It is helpful if you have a handful of paper towels that you can clean your finger off with between each swipe. You want to have a smooth fingertip when smoothing out the caulk.

The point of caulk is to hide the seams, so it will obviously not look very good if your caulk lines are dark and moldy. With new, clean caulk on your glass shower door, it will look much nicer. For assistance, talk to a professional like Mitchell Window & Door.


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