Improving Efficiency And Safety In Your Warehouse: Ideas For You

Posted on: 21 October 2015

When you are in charge of a warehouse facility, you are acutely aware of the potential safety hazards as well as the potential for disorganization. However, what you may not know is how to alter the way you do things or update the equipment you use to improve upon both issues. While you and your employees may be comfortable with the current routines and equipment that you have in place already, there is always room for improvements. Get to know some of the changes that you may want to implement in your warehouse to improve efficiency and safety in your daily business operations.

New Warehouse Pallet Racks

There are a myriad of types of warehouse pallet racks available for storing all of the merchandise that is stored in and shipped out from your warehouse. One of the newer innovations in warehouse pallet racks is one that is not entirely stationary.

Most warehouse pallet racks are traditional fixed metal shelving that is designed to be strong and unmoving when large and heavy pallets are placed on them. However, this can create inefficiencies when pallets are stacked three or more deep in the pallet racks. New technologies now allow warehouse pallet racks to move pallets from the back to the front automatically.

In essence, the pallets are stacked on the racks as they would normally be, as deep as the pallet racks allow. When one pallet is removed from the pallet rack, the pallets behind are shifted forward on a track so that you and your staff do not need to manually pull pallets forward. This is highly efficient and can also serve to improve safety as you and your employees will not run the risk of hurting yourselves when manually moving pallets.

Voice Technologies

In the past, warehouse work was very much a hands-on process. And today, many warehouses that have not yet fully embraced the many technologies available to make life and work easier have more workplace accidents due to distractions or inattention.

If this is the case with your warehouse, you can increase efficiency and speed in your warehouse while also saving your employees some of the distractions and extra items they may need to carry around with them. This will help reduce workplace injuries as well as mistakes that could otherwise cause problems in your warehouse operations.

Voice technologies can be quickly and easily implemented in your warehouse. This technology allows your employees to wear headsets or earpieces that are linked to a warehouse management software. The picked list of items to pull from warehouse shelves will then be fed to your employees directly into their ears as they work. This will eliminate the need for paper lists or scanners that could distract workers and add to what they need to carry around with them. Efficiency and safety will improve immensely if you implement this or similar technologies.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to improve efficiency and safety in your warehouse, you can get started in making the necessary changes to get your warehouse running as smoothly as possible.

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