What Frameless Shower Door Options Should I Choose?

Posted on: 18 August 2015

Bathrooms were once considered an afterthought, but bathrooms are becoming another important part of what home buyers scrutinize when looking for a new home. While shower curtains are not expensive, they are also not the most aesthetically pleasing option. Choosing the right frameless door to replace the shower door or curtain that came with your home will make your home look more unique.

Where to Use Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors fit best in a home that looks modern and simple. However, they can match homes with almost any feature. You won't have to spend time finding a door that matches your bathroom tiles. With no frame, you will have nothing blocking your view of the gorgeous tiles.

For homeowners who want natural light to fill rooms, frameless shower doors block less natural light, allowing you to rely less on artificial lighting. For this reason, and with the minimalistic design, frameless shower doors are a green choice because the door does not use a frame.

Choosing the Glass

The glass can either be clear or opaque. Clear glass provides the best view of the tiles, but also provides you with less privacy if someone accidentally enters the bathroom.

Frameless shower doors will usually use tempered glass. This is much more durable than the thin glass found in framed shower doors. If the frameless door you're looking at isn't made of tempered glass, find one that is.

The glass can be a single piece or two pieces that swing open, making the door more unique. Also, rather than flat glass, curved glass makes the best use of space.

Considering the Installation Method

Decide on the type of installation method you would like the door to use. Some use the clamp method, which is traditionally considered to be frameless. Others use the u-method, which some installers believe is frameless and some believe is semi-frameless. The clamp method has become the primary method used and the u-method is being phased out.

While most of a frameless door is glass, the construction fitting is made out of aluminum or brass fittings. Brass fittings give the door much more structural integrity. If the company uses aluminum, ask if you can upgrade to brass. You also can choose between glass-to-glass hinging, wall-mount hinging and pivot hanging. Glass-to-glass hinging tends to be less expensive, but the option you choose will be largely based on the design of your bathroom. Regardless, with a frameless shower door contractor, you can determine which option will make your bathroom look the best.


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