Two Ways You Can Prevent Hair From Clogging Your Drains

Posted on: 21 July 2015

Most homeowners view their drains as a catchall for waste, but drains do have limitations and hair is one of them. Over a short period, such as a week, a considerable amount of hair can accumulate inside your drains. When you consider the amount of accumulation within a year, it would be safe to assume that you'd have a major problem on your hands. Excess hair causes water to drain out slower and can lead to a back-up. Keeping hair out of your drains is the best way to prevent these problems.

Brush Before You Wash

The average person can shed as many as 100 hairs within a single day. If you aren't brushing your hair before you wash it, a considerable amount of this shed will probably end up in the shower. Always brush your hair before washing. This way, the majority of your dead hairs will end up in your brush, instead of your drain. Cleaning a brush is a lot easier than cleaning a drain.

You might also consider changing your habits when it comes to caring for you hair. You could wash less frequently, such as every other day. Unless you have very oily hair, your hair will probably still look good if you don't wash daily. You could also consider using a dry shampoo to revitalize your hair instead of washing it.

Use A Mesh Strainer

Install a mesh strainer over the drains in the areas where you typically wash your hair. Mesh strainers are designed to rest flush with your drain. As the water flows through the strainer and out the drain, any large objects, such as hair, get trapped inside the strainer. At the end of your shower, simply remove the strainer and toss the contents in the trash.

Keep in mind, a strainer is only effective when it rests flush atop the drain. If there is any space between the rim of the strainer and the tub, hair can still make its way down the drain. Since strainers come in different sizes, when shopping you might have to grab more than one option in order to find one that fits perfectly within your drain.

Even with your efforts to minimize hair accumulation, remember that it's impossible to prevent every single strain of hair from making its way into your drain. For this reason, regular drain cleanings by a plumber, like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, are important. A professional cleaning can rid any accumulation you have built up and ensure your drains are working correctly.


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