Protecting Both People And Assets - Tips For Maintaining Your Fire Alarm System

Posted on: 8 June 2015

Overseeing a commercial complex day to day means being responsible for the well-being of both the people who work in that complex as well as the companies which operate there. While crises may be uncommon and unpleasant to think about, maintaining constant vigilance is a vital step in guaranteeing effective management that will also protect everyone involved.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for maintaining a fire alarm system in a commercial complex. Following these suggestions can help guarantee a rapid response in the event of an emergency while simultaneously providing you with the opportunity to more thoroughly understand this vitally important technology.

Sensor Testing

Your first line of defense in any fire is awareness and response. If the sensors which prompt a response from your fire alarm system are sluggish or functioning incorrectly, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is properly notified and able to escape from the complex before a fire spreads.

Your alarm system manufacturer will be able to provide you with a testing schedule and guide that can describe the testing protocol that you should be sure to follow. In addition to those suggestions, it's important you know the location of each of the sensors in your complex so you're able to make sure they aren't accidentally blocked by furniture or otherwise encumbered.

Factory Service Arrangements

For many people, despite constant vigilance, it can be difficult to tell when a fire alarm is out of proper maintenance. Indeed, in many cases, you won't find out that your alarm isn't functioning until it's too late. This poses a dilemma that, thankfully, many manufacturers are willing to address.

Entering into a factory service arrangement can be a valuable investment of both your time and resources. Scheduling regular visits from trained maintenance personnel will allow them to more thoroughly test the equipment and replace any defective parts before they become the starting point in a serious incident chain.

Regular Fire Drills

Nothing is a more effective test of the function of your fire alarm system than conducting regular fire drills. While many people may scoff at the necessity of forcing businesses to interrupt their work by practicing disaster response, it's important that escape plans and survival techniques are as instinctual as possible. In addition, regular drills will allow you to see your alarm system in action, pointing out potential weaknesses and faults in a controlled environment before they become a serious issue.

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