Three Ways To Make Your Home's Exterior Paint Last Longer

Posted on: 5 June 2015

Are you concerned that you may need to invest in an expensive repainting of your home on a regular basis? It's a valid concern -- the exterior of your home is regularly subjected to abuse, from hail storms to the bright rays of the sun. But there are some ways that you can make your home's paint last longer, including purchasing "never paint your house again" paint.

1. Consider Using Oil

Oil-based paint is more expensive than acrylic paint and takes a lot longer to both apply and allow to set. For that reason, it's rarely used -- but there are benefits. In particular, oil-based paint does tend to last a lot longer than acrylic paint and fades less often, contributing to a like new finish for longer. Many professional contractors are skilled at using oil-based paint and can still complete the job quickly.

2. Wait Until the Timing is Right

Though you may want to paint your home right away when it looks damaged, it's better to wait until the timing is right. Low humidity and an even temperature will contribute significantly to the longevity of your new paint job. If you paint when it is either extremely cold or extremely warm, your home's structure may change significantly enough to buckle and crack the paint -- materials constrict and expand at temperature extremes. Of course, there are some areas in which humidity will always be significant -- in those areas, it is merely important to make sure that the humidity falls within average ranges, and to allow time for the paint to properly cure before any projected rainfall.

3. Purchase Permanent House Paint

Permanent house paint, also known as smart coat painting, is a high-quality, extremely durable paint that rarely if ever needs to be maintained. Permanent house painting actually applies a thin ceramic shield to your house paint, protecting it from damage and keeping it looking bright and new. As it is a coating, permanent house paint can be applied to your existing paint if you want to improve the longevity of an existing paint job. It also works with any other form of paint. Though it is a little more expensive than some other exterior surface options, it will often pay for itself over time. 

Your contractor can give you more information regarding the best, most durable options for your home. In general, the more you spend on your home's paint today, the less likely you are to spend more money overall having to repair and repaint your exterior over the years.


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